Spelling Contests – 042217

Spelling Bee 101

 HL 1 – Revise words we went over in class:

1)      aerodynamic – of or having a shape that reduces drag from air moving past
2)      hysterical – affected by uncontrolled extreme emotion
3)      saboteur – someone who sabotages, or someone who deliberately destroys, damages, or obstructs something
4)      gladiator – in Ancient Rome, a man trained to fight with weapons against other men or wild animals in an arena
5)      subterfuge – deceit used to achieve one’s goal (misspelled by the teacher!)
6)      charlatan – a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill; a fraud.
7)      initiate – cause (a process or action) to begin.

HL 2 – Learn 10-30 words from 100-word list from North South Foundation:

According to the site, the thousand-word list is available after a person registers.

HL 3 – Video of a five-year-old girl who will be the youngest contestant ever to go to the Scripps National Spelling Bee:

HL 4   Look up definitions for 5 words in dictionary

Learn how to pronounce each one, and state the number of syllables for each word. Practice spelling the word. Focus on pronouncing the word and dividing the spelling up among the different syllables.

1)      anachronism
2)      caballero
3)      braggadocio
4)      detrimental
5)      drollery

HL 5 – Words we reviewed in class – relearn at home

1)      Absolution – formal release from guilt, obligation, or punishment

2)      Ballistic – relating to projectiles or their flight

3)      Dachshund – dog of a short-legged, long-bodied breed

4)      Salivate – secrete saliva, especially in anticipation of food

5)      Tactically – in a way that relate to actions carefully planned to gain a specific end

6)      Ubiquitous – present, appearing, or found everywhere

7)      Oblique – slanting

HL 6 – Look up the following five words. For each word, learn the definition and how to pronounce it. Practice spelling it.

1)      Illegible

2)      Juggernaut

3)      Xylophone

4)      Narcissistic

5)      Fathom

HL 7 – Play Scrabble- You are given the following seven letters:

1)      w

2)      a

3)      s

4)      j

5)      i

6)      n

7)      e

Come up with at least 7 words using the letters above.

HL 8 – Play Game: Word Scramble:


HL 9 – Review the following words from class:

1) Arboriculture
2) Asynchrony
3) Calamity
4) Camouflage
5) Dissimilitude
6) Dossier
7) Fiduciary
8) Gubernatorial

HL 10 – What letters are missing in the following words? What are the definitions?

1) Sep_rate
2) Mar_time
3) Sa_acious
4) Mer_tr_cious
5) Sy_o_hant
6) Micr_sc_pi_

HL 11 – How many words can you make by rearranging the following letters?

e, j, a, k, c, h, t, s, p

HL 12 – Learn the definitions of the following words. Practice spelling and pronouncing them:

1) Bequeath
2) Buttress
3) Condolences
4) Hegemony
5) Genuflect
6) Gastroenterology

HL 13-  Practice spelling the following words reviewed in class:

  1. Antiquarian – relating to or dealing in antiques or rare books

  2. Blatherskite – a person who blathers

  3. Contemporaneous – existing, occurring, or originating at the same time

  4. Dermatology – a branch of medicine dealing with the skin

  5. Dyslexia – Neurological disorder that usually affects people of average or superior intelligence. It usually shows itself in the tendency to read and write words and letters in reversed order

  6. Eulogy – a commendatory speech or writing especially in honor of one deceased

  7.  Leviathan – a large sea animal

  8.  Panegyric – a eulogistic speech or writing

HL 14 – Learn the definitions for the following words and how to pronounce the following words. Practice spelling them.

  1. Desertification

  2. Exchequer

  3. Fuselage

  4. Hypochondria

  5. Immunologic

  6. Inundation

HL 15 – Scrabble:

You are given the following seven tiles and you are the starting player in a game of Scrabble. What word do you choose?

a, i, e, c, b, k, r

The values of the letters are the following:

a, e, i, and r are worth 1 point each

c and b are worth 3 points each

k is worth 5 points

HL 16 -Play with  Wordsolver:

This is a tool for rearranging letters into words. You can then look at the definitions of the rearranged words.


HL 17 -Review the following words from class:


1)      Ambivalent

2)      Alliteration

3)      Percolate

4)      Bellicose


1)      Aristocracy

2)      Homogeneous

3)      Odyssey

4)      Etymology

HL 18 -Look up the following words and practice spelling them. What is the etymology for each?

1)      Contiguous

2)      Perfidy

3)      Exacerbate

4)      Lethargy

5)      Patriarch

6)      Paradox

7)      Phenomenon

8)      Misanthropy

HL 19 –The following words share etymologies. How are the words related?

1)      Fidelity and Perfidy

2)      Belligerent and Bellicose

3)      Subsequent and Sequential

4)      Perambulate and Ambulance

5)      Synonym and Antonym

HL 20 – Wonder 

The spelling of certain words is already in alphabetical order. For instance, the words “hill” (and its plural form), “eel” (and its plural form), and “ant” are already in alphabetical order. Can you find at least three words that when spelled are in alphabetical order?


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