Parinama Academy RRISD

At 2:40-3 we will pick all kids from Gym/Library /Designated spot by the school
This will be between school authorities and Parinama academy. Kids will be sent from classes to this designated collection spot by teachers. Parents don’t need to do anything.

Snacks – we request parents to provide healthy snacks so kids can have energy to play and learn with us

Will this be a beginner class? We will split the class into 2. Beginner and Non-beginners. We will teach beginners and advanced kids in same class session by focussing 15-20 min on Beginners and 15-20 min for Advanced.

Refer to lesson plan by clicking Learn more button for Beginner and Advanced.

Please send a notebook and pencil for your kid to take notes.
You don’t need to send any supplies/chess materials

What if my kid already knows chess? We will use assessment at
to figure out if the kid knows chess

School academic year is divided into 4 sessions

Fall 1 (Sep-Mid Oct)
Fall 2(Nov- Mid Dec)
Spring 1 (Feb-Mid Mar)
Spring 2 (Apr-Mid Mar)

If kids know chess we will use materials in Level 3 for Fall 1, Level 4 for Fall 2, Level 5 for spring 1 and Level 6 for spring 2

Is this year-round? My kid is planning to attend Fall session 2 or Spring 1 or Spring 2 – What will you teach? Will it be new or same topics?

Yes. Kids will start Level 1 and 2 in Fall 1/Fall 2/Spring 1 /Spring 2 if they are new to chess

Level 3 to 6 are not sequential. Kids can join Fall 2 or Spring 2 or Spring 2 without attending Fall 1 session. All these sessions are independent of each other.

How will my kid be dismissed?

We will dismiss all YMCA kids into YMCA. Walkers and Bike riders will be dismissed front or back or school as recommended by the individual school. Car riders will be dismissed front or back as recommended by the individual school(Most schools recommend back/side not front).

Google classroom – Join our google classroom with code – 52vk07a