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We have experience tutoring the following.
Early math: basic arithmetic, counting, and basic geometry
Middle school math: basic algebra, geometry, and measurement
High school math: pre-calculus, calculus, SAT & ACT math, and trigonometry
Reading: critical reading, elementary reading, research methods, and reading comprehension
Writing: essay writing, creative writing, research paper writing, narrative writing, and note taking
ESL: general English skills, basic & advanced grammar, test preparation, and English for Specific Purposes programs (ESP)
Additional subjects: vocabulary, grammar, poetry, and discussion
Vocabulary: introductory vocabulary and advanced vocabulary
Grammar: conjugations, spoken & written grammar, and contextual grammatical applications across different contexts
Interaction: one-on-one conversation, group discussion, and written versus spoken communication
Reading & Writing: basic sentence structure, advanced essay writing, research, and advanced novel reading
Physics: motion & forces, heat & energy, physical math, and gravity & relativity
Chemistry: introductory chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry
Earth Science: geology, meteorology, oceanography, and geophysics
Astronomy: introductory astronomy, astrophysics, astrobiology, and planetary science