Parinama Academy strives to provide value in terms of skills required for success and its unique Educational Agile Scrum Methology. We are focused on outcome and superios learning experience.


In the Jr. Parinama Courses ,Elementary and Middle school courses we compete with Kumon, Mathnesium,Best Brains, Best in class, Eyelevel, Code Ninja – to name a few.

We promise outcomes and we deliver using our RLAD approach – Review, Lesson plan, Assesment and Demo by students(To prove we delivered stakeholder expectations!)

Our competition is focused on twice a week 1 hour or less class duration. We provide 1.5 hour classes and use diagnostic tools from ixl,chesskid and other online portals to aid student mastery over learning new skill.

We also provide optional 4 one hour add on classes based on availability for monthly program to extend the learning experience further.

Kumon $130 for 4 hour class /month
Mathnesium-$160 for 4 hour class /month
Best brain $90 for 2 hour class/month
Code ninja $150+ for 4 hour class/month

We provide 6 hours per month for $102.50 and additional 4 hours for free (Small booking fee of $4.99 per booking applies)

Kumon ,Best Brains, Best in class , Mathnesium, Eyelevel and other institutions have larger class size. Our typical class has 2 to 3 kids per teacher not to exceed 6 kids per teacher.

We provide and assign a student success manager who provides a personilzed lesson plan for the kid.

We conduct competitions and encourage students who are creative and competitive to engage in using their newly acquired skill

We span into 3 tracks Learn, create and compete while competition is focused on Learn or create.

We have sent kids to Nationals in NSF Spelling Bee ,Math Bee, Geo Bee and Science Bee.


We conduct Math Olympiad tests for elementary and middle schools and are one of the 3 private institutions to offer the same.

We have courses that competition cannot and hasnt offered yet – TAG prep, SAT prep for Duke TIP,Spelling Bee, Geo bee, Math bee, Brain Bee, History Bee, Public Speaking and Chess .

We provide private sessions for a nominal fee which most learning centers don’t provide yet.

We have led the Austin market with these offers and are in 18 schools offering After school programs approved by RRISD and LISD. None of the competition have the experience on campus and outside campus with kids from 4- Adult .


We teach old dogs new tricks – Adults. We offer Sales Force and Data Science courses and work on getting them placed.Learn for life and earn for life is our motto