This page is intended to explain our process on how we handle the 3 different chess class levels
  1. Chess Foundation
  2. Chess Core
  3. Chess Tactics
Chess Foundation 
  1. What will we teach? –  Click here for Syllabus
  2. How will we know if our kid is ready to move to Chess core? – Print and complete Assessments
  3. When will we promote the kid to Chess core? – We want her/him to score 100% on all 5 assessment before we can move to the next level.
  4. How long does it take to go from Foundation to Chess core? Typically 3-6 months.
  5. What is the step function change from the start date to end date – Play for 10min before getting checkmated by an adult or kid. We want your kid to win atleast 3 of 5 games in any chess tournament they attend.
  6. Which certification or tournament or competition should we target? – Austin Chess Tournaments – This is where we will find all chess tournaments we want to attend.

During the chess tournaments always lookup for the kid playing against your kid to get insight into their experience and level by keying in Last name,first name of the kid playing against your kid at,com_wrapper/Itemid,181/ 

It is imperative to understand the experience of the other kid and not just their rating.

Without USCF ID your kid cannot participate in any rated tournaments in Austin.

USCF – Please visit and pay $17 for Scholastic 1 year membership to get a USCF ID if your kid likes to participate. (or if you are like me – if you want your kid to participate no matter what the kid thinks!)

If your kid is in advanced class please print and have your kid complete assessment at


We love to make your Kid smarter than your Neighbor’s kid!