Jr. Geo Bee 101


Ellie from Maine requested us to add this link which helped her a lot. Hope it helps you too!!! (Thanks Ellie)- https://www.shearcomfort.com/take-seat-road-trip-geography.asp  

HL 1 Learn Oceans and Seas at

HL 2 – Ask your kid to play around with

http://radio.garden/ and have fun looking at Google earth and listenting to radio stations around the globe

HL 3 – Does your kid know all oceans ?

Let’s test at –  http://lizardpoint.com/geography/world-quiz.php

HL 4 – Color 3 countries given as HL (Your kid knows what those countries are!)


HL 5 – Top 10 facts about Canada

HL 6 – Introduce Flags to Kids

HL – 7 Finish Continents and Oceans by completing Quiz at


HL – 8 Learn and Color (from the coloring book)

HL – 9 Watch and learn landforms

HL – 10 Watch and Learn why maps are different from reality?

HL – 11 10 Flags to be learnt from https://quizlet.com/2545358/flashcards – Help your kid with this exercise as it has Flip functionality and proceed which kids may not know

HL – 12 Learn and Color (from the coloring book)

HL – 13 Watch and wonder

HL – 14 Work with your child on ‘Memorozing’ North American Flags by playing at



HL – 15 Watch this video and  learn

HL – 16 Learn and Color (from the coloring book)




HL 17 What are the imaginary lines on a map? – Learn at https://www.factmonster.com/world/world-geography/lines-map

HL 18 US States memorize the nick names at http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/explore/states/us-states-hub/

HL 19 Middle easter countries and capitals learn at http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/middle-east_caps_L.html

HL 20 Navigate the world and wonder about the flags and countries at http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/world/


We will covering more the following soon…

Flags around the World – 10

Countries around the World -10

U.S. States & Capitals – 10