Geo Bee 101


Ask your kid to do this quiz

South American countries (America del sur)and Capitals


Spanish speaking countries


Central America countries: Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

Find difference between Central America, South America and Latin America and are these 7 countries in North or South america?

HL – 4
Color 4 countries Argentina, Austria, Australia and Brazil.

Now Ask your kid to do this quiz again after the video

HL – 5 Memorize the following facts and remember total countries

Continent Number of Countries
Africa 54 countries
Asia 47 countries
Europe 43 countries
North America 23 countries
Australia and Oceania 14 countries
South America 12 countries
Antarctica 0 countries

HL – 6 – Visit 

Add Layer Human Footprint and then choose Light at Night. Play around with 2-3 of these and document them /Bring them to class next time to let us know what you tried.

HL- 7 Watch the following video-

HL-  8 Color flags and learn 4 facts about next 3 countries in the Geo Book given to your kid


We will cover the following soon



Flags around the World – 30

Countries around the World -30

U.S. States & Capitals

Passsport and Visas