Play 2 games against opponent at Chess Kid at

Watch 3 Videos

Fools’ Mate – When your opponent acts foolish in opening the board

Scholar’s Mate – when you or your opponent wants to finish fast (I dont recomment Parinama Kids to deploy this strategy as you might lose your Queen easily if your opponent knows how to play and this is not the ‘Right’ way to win a chess game)

Right way to open the board

Workbook – Do 3-6 puzzles from Chapter 11 – Back rank Mate

Friday – Work on Sudoku or Word search

Saturday –

Go to tournament and Win

or Play with an adult or play on ifamily -iPhone/ipad- Download or google playstore -android –

Sundays – Relax and do nothing related to chess or Go to Cedar park library 1-3 pm if possible or Work on tactics at

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