Smart Decision Making Workshop
  1. Introductions – 15min
  2. DecisionMaking steps 1-2 – 20min
  3. Break – 5min
  4. Scenario Analysis – Group exercise =20min
  5. DecisionMaking steps 3-5 – 20min
  6. Break – 10min
  7. Scenario Analysis- Individual exercise – 15min
Group Exercise
Digital Citizen Scenario 1: After school, Jill was practicing her skate boarding tricks on the playground and wiped out. Alex was videoing the stunts on his cell phone and got a great shot of the wipeout. The next day Alex shows you the video of Jill, which contains some silly and embarrassing footage. As a gag, you decide to create a fake YouTube page for Jill that contains some of the footage, and you share the link with the whole school. The blooper video of Jill’s wipeout becomes a school-wide joke, and people start adding their own sound effects that make Jill look even funnier. Before long, the video begins to spread around the Internet and Jill receives hundreds of harassing messages.
Digital Citizen Scenario 2:  You begin to receive Snapchats from a user you don’t recognize. This person claims to go to your school and seems to know a lot of information about your school and your classes that makes you believe him. After a bit, he begins to ask you questions about you and your friends. However, when you ask for the person’s name, he avoids the question.
Individual exercise
3D HD Scenario 1: You and your good friend Sam both like to swim. Sam discovered a lake that is not far from your house, so the two of you hike over to check it out one sunny Saturday afternoon. When you get to the lake, the water looks cool and inviting. There’s a rope tied to a branch of a tree that hangs over the lake. Sam says, “It would be fun to swing out on that rope and drop into the water. Come on. You go first.” What will you decide to do?
3D HD Scenario 2: You got in trouble, and you’re angry. Your parents punished you, but you think your sibling deserves to be punished. You could hit, pinch or trip your brother or sister when no one’s looking. You could hide or break one of your sibling’s toys. What will you do?
Scenarios to be discussed in workshop
3D HD Scenario 3: You’re in the middle of an intense video game. Just a few more points and you’ll beat your high score. You hear Dad say it’s time to turn off the game. The game’s loud, so it would be easy to pretend you didn’t hear. That way, you could finish the game. What will you do?
3D HD Scenario 4: Your friend has invited you over for a fun afternoon doing all your favorite things. You have your parents’ permission to go, but you have to get your homework done first. The assignment isn’t hard, but it would take time to do well. You could just tell your parents you did the work even though you didn’t. They’ll never know. What will you do?
Digital Citizen Scenario 3:  While doing research on Google you click on a website that takes you to a website with content not related to your research. When you try to hit the back button, the webpage reappears. After a few moments you try to close the window, but the screen won’t close. So, you force quit the program and restart your computer. Once you restart the computer, you notice it is working really slowly and your homepage has changed.
Digital Citizen Scenario 4: While you were in Middle School, you wrote a blog post where you criticized one of your teachers for being mean to you in class. You claim the teacher was not fair in her grading and she insulted you in front of your classmates. Further in the post, you ridicule the teacher’s age and physical appearance. Now, you are in university and you are applying for a highly competitive internship. During the interview, the interviewer brings out a copy of the blog post and questions you about it.