Foundation Courses 101

HL = Home learning . We will be counting each week’s HL for graduation

HL 1 – Watch  Searching for Bobby Fischer Final Game

HL 2 – Watch How to setup board?

HL 3 -Watch How to setup Chess pieces?

HL 4- Finish 1-2 pages in Word Finder and note the time it took to finish it

HL – 5

How to use the King

HL – 6

How King captures and moves

HL – 7

Work with your kid on

HL – 8

Word Puzzle 1-2 Pages .Note the time it takes .


Starting this week Kids have to setup HL9-HL11 in a physical board and learn – not  just watch. Your kid will need a proper tournament chess board.

HL – 9 Learn how Preschoolers and Pawns are similar at

HL -10 

HL – 11 Continue to learn about Pawns from ChessKid at

HL – 12 Word Puzzle 1-2 Pages .Note the time it takes .


HL – 13 Watch 

HL – 14 Learn

HL – 15 Watch One more video about Bishops

Getting bored – Do this for Extra credit –

HL – 16 Word Puzzle 1-2 Pages .Note the time it takes .


HL-17 – How does the Knight Move? 

HL-18 – Get Fascinated one more time by watching video about Knight

HL-19 Play monster chess and gobble up by choosing a Knight at

Make sure you do all 4 questions

HL -20 Word Puzzle 1-2 Pages .Note the time it takes .


HL 21  – Learn about Rook movement at . Pay attention to how it captures.

HL 22 – Visit chesskid – and review all pieces covered so far – Knight, King, Pawn, Bishop and Rook. we haven’t covered Queen Yet. We want kids to learn to play without Queen!.

HL 23 – Have fun- Play monster chess and gobble up by choosing a Rook at

HL -24 Word Puzzle 1-2 Pages .Note the time it takes .


HL -25 Train your kids chess board vision using


HL -26 – Watch Bill Gates Vs Magnus Carlsen and find out how many moves and how much time it took to checkmate


HL 27- Deep Blue IBM computer was able to beat Kasparov. How ?

HL 28 – Can you play blindfold chess? Can you play Simul chess? Susan Polgar and her sister Judith Polgar both can!. watch this video.

HL 29 – Revise Queen movement at

HL 30 – Watch and learn about  how Queen moves and captures

HL 31 – Can you draw chess pieces? – Try …by watching this video

HL 32 – Mother of all pieces – Queen – Practice piece capture movement at

 Kids will learn about the following Ideas

 A Brief History Of The Game, Basic Terminology, and Score keeping (Algebraic Notation)

Setting Up the Board and Learning the Value Of the Chessmen

 Meet the Players

Introducing the Rook, Bishop, and Queen

Introducing the King, Knight, and Pawn

 The Goal of Chess—Check and Checkmate

Part 1: Check, and How to Escape Check

Part 2: Checkmate, and Introduction to Stalemate

Basic Checkmates—King and Queen versus Lone King

Basic Checkmates—“Rook Roller” (Two Rooks versus a Lone King)

 Stalemate (No Legal Moves) Explained

 Special Moves 

Learn to Castle

Capturing Pawns “In Passing” – En Passant