Sivakumar Manikanteswaran

I am a passionate learner.

I am inspired to influence next generation by creating millions of entrepreneurs who will change our world to make it better . These future entrepreneurs are currently small in size and we call them our ‘kids’.

We will have a bright and prosperous future not cos we will but bcos we will create it with our kids!!

Vignesh Parameswaran

I work with entrepreneurs and leaders in various industries. I co-founded Parinama to change the education industry through Technology

Srini Busireddy

SVP International Sales
I like to work with leaders in various industries. I see Parinama Academy as a next-generation training platform that will produce influential leaders.
Parinama Academy Network


Sr Trainer
My son attended training at England Elementary. We liked it a lot and I decided to join the team to train as a trainer officially.

Ankita Ravi

Sr. Trainer
I love kids and I love math, so being able to enhance young minds is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Swetha Jayavelu

Parent Success Manager
“Not to know is bad; not to wish to know is worse.” I’m an aspiring physician who loves to both learn and to do my part in encouraging and helping others learn!

Odin D

Lead Chess Trainer
I have been teaching chess for 20 years. I have worked with dozens of kids through the years. I love football, MMA, hockey & baseball. My passions are Education and volunteering/helping out the Community.
I teach self defense for Men, Women and children in my spare time.

Ekaterina Salatas

Student Success Manager
I love working with Kids and enjoy seeing them getting smarter working with us. I want kids to learn and have fun.

Mamata Therimala

Sr. Trainer
I love teaching Singapore Math and Chess to the kid. Once they solve the ‘problem’ in both chess or math – the smile on their face is priceless and I like to be part of their problem solving process.

William Swantner

Director - Product Development
Using brains to solve Math and Puzzles is an exciting process and I enjoy being part of it and experiencing it. Our Products are meant to make kids solve ‘interesting problems’

Anup Kesavan Ponnarassery

Director - R&D
Googling is not researching. Finding and implementing interesting insights into Parinama group is my primary task and it keeps me awake (and helps you sleep better- I have taken care of the research piece).

Benjamin Townsend

Lead Trainer
I am currently a math tutor for Mu Alpha Theta, our school’s math tutoring program, as well as the founder and president of the Chess Club. I also compete with the Leander debate team in Policy-Cross Examination and occasionally extemporaneous speaking. I believe that I can use my experiences to enhance the children’s learning.

Megha Jayavelu

Lead Trainer
I enjoy making a difference, either being small or big! I see teaching as a way to give back to society, and love working with kids!

Jags jayachandran

Director Franchise Operations
I enjoy with startups and Parinama group is Fast growing corporation and I love to scale it to $1 million in 2 years through our franchise operations

Gopi Nathan

Director - Operations
I work with Parinama team(s) to streamline the process to provide superior customer experience.. yes the usual stuff.. Operate and get well!

Phanindra Srivatsav Gollapudi

Board of Director
I love to guide Parinama academy with my expertise to help them transform one kid at a time!

Raj Kannan

Board of Director
I love Working with this dynamic team to scale and change the world