Dec 2018 – Parent reviews started yesterday with 3 parents and lots more have been scheduled or parents have owned up to scheduling it. (Thanks for taking the time)
There are 2 reasons why we are doing this in preparation for Parinama Academy 3.0 (and the fact that we have applied for Ycombinator and will be approaching more investors and VCs in 2019!!)

We want to be CARING and AGILE !!

Caring – We want your kid to Succeed !! (sounds better than we want your kid to be smarter than your neighbor’s kid!!)
Agile – We will follow Agile Methology (Standups,Scrums,Retros, Demos – most in IT will get these terminologies – Other please use Google) to achieve this !!

Together (Parent, Trainer, Success Managers and your kid) we will be able to make greater progress
In our sessions, we will

1. Review student progress (ixl or chesskid) and other Home learning materials used (Homeworks !!)
2. Answer and Ask What is working?
3. Ask and understand What is not working?
4. Learn – How can we help your kid succeed?

Thanks for your continued support
We care !! (Do they? – they = All learning centers – Kumon,Best Brains,Best in class,Mathnasium, Eye level ) We can afford to care since we are small and they have more than 250 to 500 students in their centers!!.. Will we care when we grow big!!(That is a question we will learn to answer along with y’all)

Have a great day !!