We had a great 2018. We wanted kids to learn no matter where !!

Parinama Everywhere

We started off with the following ideas

  1. Learn/Teach at our Centers
  2. Learn/Teach at schools
  3. Learn/Teach Live Online
  4. Learn/Teach Self paced – with our materials FREE online (we have kids from 12 countries registered and learning our course(s) now
  5. Learn/Teach at our Homes – Parinama Instructor Network
  6. Learn/Teach at your Homes

Parinama Academy in its third year of operation launched its online Live sessions this year.

We expanded from teaching onsite (at our centers) in Plano, Austin and Houston to After schools

We started with from teaching onsite (at our centers) in Plano, Austin and Houston to After schools  to Live Online  Online training at your home at (y)our convenience. We use Zoom to see share learn talk and laugh!!! We had kids learn coding and chess using this platform.

We want all kids to learn using our content – our Free Online Self paced courses at https://parinama-academy.teachable.com/

We conducted our workshops including Debate and learning to ‘find your rythm’ to brainstorming college admissions at our ‘Parinama Events’

We conducted our own chess tournaments and spelling and Geo bee competitions

We taught 54 kids in 7 schools – 4 in RRISD – Sommer, Cactus, Blackland and Chandler and 4 in LISD – Mason, Winkley and Blockhouse

All kids in Parinama Academy have access to Chesskid if enrolled in Chess or IXL if enrolled in Math/Language. This augmented style lets us closely monitor close and classwork. We do use our Singapore Math materials,Scholastic materials for language

We started Teach @Our Homes – Parinama Instructor Network – teaching at our homes in Travisso (available only in Travisso for now .. so kids dont have to commute to come to learn from us!)

In Plano we started Teach @your home where we started visiting kids at their home to teach – again to reduce commute time for kids.

Achievements – Our Kids won in

Chess Tournaments

UIL Number Sense , UIL Calculators

National Scripps Spelling Bee

NSF Math ,Geo and Spelling Bee.

Partnerships – 6 in Total

We have the following 6 partnerships now

  1. RRISD – Round Rock ISD
  2. LISD – Leander ISD
  3. IXL Live certification- Math, Language, Science, and Social Studies partnership
  4. Chess Kid – Gold Membership
  5. Moems – Math Olympiad for Elementary and Middle School Approved Institute
  6. North South Foundation Partnership


We donated to a total of 21 projects this year totally 44 projects helping 3349 Kids total – Check details at https://www.donorschoose.org/parinama

We are very happy and blessed to be have the funds to donate to these causes