Vision – Why we do what we do?


We want to build an educational enterprise which focuses on giving everyone a chance to succeed while ensuring every human feels ‘comfortable’ knowing what is to be known.

The world expects us to know some facts ,do some calculations ,work with machines and with humans.


Traditionally kids need

  1. Tutoring to catch up and ensure we are on ‘on grade’ so they dont miss out
  2. Teachers to maintain and measure grade level subject matter
  3. Trained to compete and win!


American kids  will have competition from 3 fronts

  1. Immigrants- we will have hardworking immigrants who will work 18+ hours if work has to get done here @ home
  2. Outsourcing – Anything that needs to be done by humans can be done at a cheaper rate by some one else in another part of world
  3. Automation – Computers ,robots ,deep learning ,AI  – all jargons that point to machines doing work here ,there and everywhere


Successful student is defined as

  1. Pass every grade with flying colors
  2. Score on Standardized tests
  3. Do community service
  4. Lead in team sport
  5. A holistic person  – whatever it means!!


Success in life means

  1. Money
  2. Health
  3. Social
  4. Music,Art
  5. Entertainment
  6. Travel
  7. Much much more


Humans must create.Something of their own. Using and reusing everything that others created is not a sign of progress.

Education doesnt stop at 21 and retooling every 4 years is essential for most professions.


Lets build a future with a talent stack… people who just dont pass grades but build universities…why go to harvard or drop out of one when you can build one!!