Nov 9 – We got trained in IXL Live team and now we are certified trainers. What does this mean? Who cares?

If you are a parent What does certified ixl.mean to parents and kids?
If they join Parinama Academy is IXL free for them? – We will give it free as long as we are

We know how to help their kids with specific action plans

IXL is a doctor- We are CVS Pharmacy or Walgreens or Costco Pharmacy!!
IXL diagnosing helps know what kids have to learn and how they are doing
We work on executing prescription to fix the gaps identified by IXL


And we are trained or certified for that by IXL

Process Changes – We will adding to Kid’s every day schedule

Live – partnership with ixl for math,language ,science and social for preK- Highs school. Next stop Texas teachers learn4ward conference end of month . We are now certified ‘IXL training institute ‘



If you can’t beat them join them !!! Ha ha.. We wanted to develop something like IXL and figured out and you IXL is the best in industry and we should partner with them similar to Chess Kid Gold Membership partnership we give way for our students.

Our Motto has been learn whatever it takes.. we want to use every tool .