We teach kids .. kids learn -not from us

My son wanted to learn — ok..I wanted my son to learn how to ride a bike. I tried for few months – running behind him, in front of him, on his right side, on his left side and on him.. yes falling on top of him who was on top of the bicycle. My friend’s son also wanted to learn – you got the point – my friend wanted to also teach his son. So we joined bicycles.. no hands.


I tried to teach my son it didn’t work.

He tried to teach his son it didn’t work. So, we decided to swap.

He tried to teach my son- it didn’t work

I tried to teach his son it didn’t work.

Finally his taught taught my son.. What?

Yes. The other kid came one day and said ‘ I have learnt how to ride’ – he didn’t explain how and he asked my son to follow his instructions and in 10minutes they were ‘off’ riding merrily. I understood the secret.

We teach kids- they learn . In this case my son chose to learn from his friend.

Kids have the option to learn from the following places or sources..

  1. At School
  2. After school
  3. At Learning Centers
  4. From Friends
  5. From Family
  6. From Media –
    1. Internet – youtube,podcast,google,wikipedia,all websites crawled by google
    2. Movies
    3. Books
    4. TV
    5. Radio(really?)
    6. Newspaper (haha!)
  7. By doing right and wrong things and everything in between

At school teachers preach – sage on stage or make kids collaborate – group math – can  you imagine kids solving math as a group – yes you can and it is not acceptable for me may be you are ok!!

Most elementary schools end by 2:45 in america and kids have 2 options (Parents have 2 options)

  1. At School after school- YMCA I was always told kids learn ‘bad’ stuff. so I dont know anything about YMCA other than the fact it is cheap! but YMCA is the only option other than offisite who can keep the kid till 6:30PM. S As an afterschool we teach chess and math to kids. Kids can also stay in school and learn
  2. Offsite after school – Some Takewando schools,Primrose,Stepping stone ,Xplore and lots of companies take kids from on site – school to offsite their location and keep them till 6:30.

Most kids after the ordeal of America 3-5(or 6:30) then end up with Kumon, Mathnasium or Eyelevel or anyone who can teach for 1 hour math and 1 hour language from Kinder to High school. These are great for educating kids in 15th (after dark ages) to the 20th century – 2005?

Kids need to learn 3-5pm – Society needs something in between at school or between 3-5pm. If kids play from 3-5 they have no energy at 6 to learn boring math and language.

Kinder to 5th – Does anyone teach Science? No . Geography – No.

Keep teaching kids..

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