By Prajna A.




Once upon a time, there was a Princess in the kingdom of Galvadon. Her name was Maria. She was kind and pretty. She was 16 years old and she could talk to animals. Every day, she would through the palace gardens and smell the roses. She would also go to the forest to see her friends, who were the golden deer and the fairy. The fairy and the deer lived together next to the riverside in a tiny hut with beautiful flowers around it. Inside the house, everything was perfectly normal except for one thing: in the corner of the house there was a secret box where the fairy’s wand used to be. The fairy is blue and has sparkly wings.

One day, when the Princess was visiting her friends, the sun suddenly went down and darkness slowly crept across the forest. A witch pushed the fairy and the Princess aside, threw a rope and caught the deer. Then she sat on it and rode away to her ruined castle.




Slowly, Princess Maria and the fairy got up and decided to rescue the goldeen deer from the clutches of the witch. They went to the King, Maria’s father, and told him about their decision. The King agreed, so the fairy and Maria cast off their jewels and sprinkled pixie dust on them, which took off the glitter that was on them. Then they changed into travelers’ clothing and set off in the direction of the ruined castle with a map in hand.




Slowly walking, the two friends reached the border of Galvadon. On the map it said that they would have to cross the river, but they didn’t have a boat and didn’t know where to get one so for days they sat thinking about how they could get across the river. One day they saw a fisherman dragging his boat back with no fish in his net. When the Princess sees this, an idea pops inside her head and she tells the fairy that maybe they could propose a deal to the fisherman that they would catch some fish for him if he would give them a ride across the river. The fairy eagerly replies, “Oh yes, that is a great idea!” So the two of them walk up to the fisherman and propose the deal to him. The fisherman gladly agrees to the two of them, and he gives them his net so they could catch fish. He told them that ten fish would be enough for him and his family. The two silently agreed and then walked down to the riverside to start catching fish. Then the fairy told the Princess that maybe the Princess could try to hear some fish talking in fish language. So the Princess strained her ear and tried to hear and slowly she heard a big school of fish. So the Princess told the fairy that she had heard a fish school and the fairy asked the Princess which direction it was in. The Princess pointed to her right side and the fairy and the Princess started looking around the place where the Princess had pointed.

Finally, after looking for a long time, the Princess found the fish school and when she told the fairy this, the fairy quickly came to the spot where the Princess was and said “on the count of three, we can both throw out the net. 1, 2, 3!!” They both threw out the net and when they pulled out the net to see how many fish there were in the net, they were surprised to see that they had caught 20 fish. They decided that they would give the fisherman all twenty fish. When the fisherman saw they had brought so much fish, he told them they could each have two fish and take four fish for their onward trip. Next, the two with the fisherman set out to the other side of the river Ganga. When they reached the other side, the two said thank to the fisherman and they parted from him.




They set over a bumpy terrain, not really paying attention to the fact that they were getting too close to Troll Territory. Soon they were on the border of Troll Territory. Suddenly, a bunch of trolls jumped out at and said “Who dares to trespass our territory?” The Princess quickly replied “Oh, we are very sorry! We are just travelers and we got too close to your border, please let us go.” The trolls said we will bring you to our King, he will decide what to do with you. So the trolls drag the two to their King. When they are at the King’s court, the King decides to lock the two of them up in jail. They were to get food once a day.

One day, the Princess thought of an idea. She asked one of the girl guards for a bobby pin. She said it was for her hair. When she got the bobby pin, she waited until the night when everyone was asleep. Then she picked the lock using the bobby pin and gout out and then she picked the lock for the fairy and the two escaped using the window.




They continued their walk taking breaks only at night to sleep. Finally, they saw the witch’s ruined castle. They quickly swam across, luckily not coming across any crocodiles. Then they saw a blue light at the top of the castle. The fairy says “My wand is in the room. I will fly up there and get my wand. Then we can easily defeat the witch!” So the fairy quickly gets the wand and lands lightly next to the Princess. Then the fairy uses her wand and opens the door. They crept quietly to the other side where the golden deer was. They unlocked her from her cage and before they went out the door, they heard a cold voice say “going somewhere?”

They turned around quickly and saw the witch. The witch said “I think you should know why I have caused you so much trouble, fairy and Princess.” So she tied the two together and started her story.

“Dear Princess, your mom and I used to be childhood friends. Our Kingdoms, were neighbors. But when she got married, she forgot about me. One day, I thought I’d give her a visit and have some fun. When I went to her palace telling her that I was her childhood friend, she laughed at me and said she had no idea who I was and then she sent me off with some rude words. Ever since that day, I have wanted to get revenge, but when your mom died before I could get revenge, my eye was set on you. Then one day in the forest your fairy friend lived, there was a storm and your fairy friend and the golden deer ran away without without the fairy’s wand. When I realized this, I stole the wand which I see you have taken.” The Princess said, “Oh mother’s friend, please forgive my mother. I will give you the pleasure that you wanted at the court that day, today.” The witch said “Thank you, I will no longer be a witch.” Then together, the three rode quickly on the golden deer all the way back home. And then, they all lived happily ever after.



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