I would like to try this approach that is used for copy writing (Sales page and other marketing writing) with the acronym PASTOR U

P-People, Pain and Problem


S -Story


O – Offer

R – Response

U – Urgency

In the case of training and educating kids

People – Parents have pain – they want to prepare their kids for the future about which no one has a clue. The problem is not that we don’t know what the future is but the fact that we don’t know what to do. We are supposed to explain to parents the pain and problem.

Amplify-Make it a big deal – explain that their kids will be homeless or in a homeless shelter. Amplify the fear that parents have – this is what the standard sales process is. I would like our team to skip this step!

Story – Always start with a story – Hero’s journey.

After spending 4 years and $250/month (do the math) I observed  my son going to rest room 2 to 3 times everytime he started doing his Kumon homework. We started having plumbing issues . We got a call from Kumon one day and they mentioned that few pages were missed from his book consistently. Upon investigation I not only found the root cause of plumbing  issue but also the missing papers. My son who is good at math and language (and everything on earth!!) got bored and started flushing these boring papers!   I decided I will start something to change the world and Parinama Academy was born!

This is a true story and I can render it. I dont think anyone in our team can. But that’s ok. We will skip this too.

T-Word of mouth is the most powerful sales tool. Testimonials on facebook, google reviews are very powerful tools. Show them use them.

Google review – https://goo.gl/7RpZkZ

Facebook review-https://www.facebook.com/ParinamaAcademy/reviews/

O –  Offer something valuable. Not just $10 or $25 off or 1 month free but offer to assist in helping them achieve superior performance for their kid. Our operations team  can help on this by calling, collecting and feeding the feedback back into our system – trainers so we know how kids are performing

R – Response – This is what we want to achieve as a business

Our measures of success

1. Number of parents from this list who attended the open houses

2. Number of parents who sign up for assessment by themselves or by our operations team

3.Number of parents who actually buy the courses

Leading indicators 1 and 2

Lagging indicator -3 – purchases

U – Urgency

We are restricting enrollment to 42 kids in Austin pond springs location.

These are artificial constraints. The tactic to let people know they have to ‘rush’ to get their spot.

Schools and Universities – do this by the enrollment deadline. Harvard and Elite institutes reject more kids and have less number of graduates by design.

We want to be an Elite institute . So we decided to try this tactics. Have less kids  – teach well – train well – help kids win and charge more.

Yes we want to become expensive option in the future – not for masses but for classes. This is the only way we can serve better.. dont worry we have Indian Tuition Center (http://indiantuitioncenter.com) where we will keep prices affortable  (cheap?)


Next time…


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