Welcome back to our school.
Classes start on Aug 4. .. you learn we will teach together let’s win some competitions and life!!
Ages 5+
Singapore Math
Singapore Science
Spelling Bee
TAG Prep(Schedule TBD)
Ages 8+
Chess Advanced
Math Olympiad
Technology Mastery
Geo Bee
Ages 10+
Public Speaking
We will have cedar park recreation center Saturday classes. We have 2 seats for beginners and 3 for advanced
Aug 4,11
Sep 8,15,29
Oct 6,13,27
Nov 3
Time 2-2:45 pm Beginner/Foundation
Time 3-3:45 pm Advanced
You can book these at https://squareup.com/store/ParinamaITC/item/cedar-park-weekend-class
Our regular classes at Pond springs starts Aug 7 and yes we have few spots available (total 42. Signed up 19- do your math)
Use https://squareup.com/store/ParinamaITC this to pay and reserve your spot
If we don’t have space for your kid this semester you can come for our weekend workshops or winter break camp or learn online or learn online ‘live’ at https://learn.parinama.academy
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