Dedication and Distraction – Learn to Focus

Let’s win in Digital age as Non Digital beings – human beings!!

Introduction –  15 min

  • Names
  • Favorite sport/game
  • Favorite superhero
  • Discuss Favorite screen time – the list below is what your parents told us about your favorite one. Guess which kid likes which screen time?
    • Pokeman
    • Netflix
    • None
    • NBA Live and TV cartoon network
    • TV Cartoon Network
    • Games
    • Minecraft, game
    • Township and Calculator: the game
    • YouTube misic
    • Minecraft/Xbox/Pokemon/Subway Surf/Just Dance
    • Geometry Dash, Rolling Sky, Dragon Mania Legends
    • Chess, pj masks
    • Cooking Craze
    • Sonic Game
    • Astroparty video game, subway surfers
    • Minecraft, Pokémon, subway train
    • Raz kids
    • Video game
    • Xbox/
  • Who is in your family is always ‘on’ – on a phone ?


Physical Warm up – 5min

  • Stretch
  • Shake out the tension jump and feel heart

Parents to step out – No Parent left behind


Awareness Warm up – 20 min

  • Set your Intention: What is Intention? – Goal/purpose/what you want to get out of today
    • Tools
    • Intelligence
    • Fun
    • Friends
  • Tune in
    • Head – What is happening?
    • Heart – What am I feeling?
    • Mouth – Say or write it out.
      • Pick a partner
  • Explain going back to focus of the breath
    • Counting the seconds of inhale/exhale
    • Breathing in something positive
    • Noticing if it’s easy or difficult to breathe
  • Body scan:
    • Close your eyes
    • Find a comfortable seat in your chair
    • Think of yesterday, think of today, think of how you got here, think of the moment before we started, think about what’s happening right now – the present moment
    • Feel the ground supporting your feet
    • Moving up to legs and the thighs being supported by the chair
    • Back and shoulders – maybe relaxing them
    • Feel your stomach, chest to heart, throat, head
    • Breath, slowing it down
    • Bring your thoughts into the room, into the seat
  • Bell exercise (With eyes close instructor rings a bell and students understand how to achieve deeper levels of focus and awareness)
    • Keep your eyes closed
    • Think about sensations that are happening in your body right now- how the chair is feeling, what sounds you’re hearing, what smells your smelling
    • Every time I ring the bell, bring your focus and awareness back to your breath  
  • Tune in (ask how this is different than before the breathing exercise)
    • Head – What is happening?
    • Heart – What am I feeling?
    • Mouth – Say or write it out.
      • Pick a partner

Face the Cookie Exercise – 5 min

  • Put cookie on forehead, use your focus and awareness to bring the cookie down to your mouth
    • Use the techniques we just learned
    • Metaphor- bringing your thoughts to your breath


Intro to topics – 15 min

  • What is Dedication?
    • Requires commitment
      • Mental
      • Physical
      • Emotional
      • Intention (what do you want to do?)
        • Focus
        • Awareness
        • Strength
  • What is Distraction?
    • Electronics
      • How are they useful?
      • How are they distracting?
      • What is real what is not?
      • Techniques for using electronics as a tool?
        • Have a space for electronics to be used
        • Have a space where they should not be used
        • Have times when they should not be used
        • Switch off notifications
        • Use the electronics don’t when you want to not when it wants you to
        • You are not the device
  • How do I choose what to dedicate myself to?
    • Things that help me grow
    • Things that help me learn
    • Things that make me healthy
    • Things that are fun
    • Things that help others

Experience 1 – 15 min

  • Distraction
    • Students draw or write about what they do when they have library time as their Specials for the day
    • Pick 1 or 2 students to share
    • Instructor acts like he is on the phone, not listening, doesn’t care, not dedicated to hearing about what the student cares about
      • Students are asked how this makes them feel
      • Attention
    • 2 more students share and instructor is very attentive, aware, and focused on what the student is saying
    • The goal is to understand what it means to be attentive and to understand how it feels when the other person is not

Snack break – 5 min


Experience 2 – 15 min

  • Dedication
  • When given a certain task and time constraint students test their skills of focus and determination with a simple activity
    • Roll the ball into the target circle
    • Roll the ball blindfolded
    • Putt the ball with a golf club to the target
  • The challenge of this activity is that the students must now visualize the target and the correct size needed to roll the ball into the target area


The Squish & Relax Meditation – 2 min

  • While the kids are lying down with their eyes closed, have them squish and squeeze every muscle in their bodies as tightly as they can. Tell them to squish their toes and feet, tighten the muscles in their legs all the way up to their hips, suck in their bellies, squeeze their hands into fists and raise their shoulders up to their heads. Have them hold themselves in their squished up positions for a few seconds, and then fully release and relax. This is a great, fun activity for “loosening up” the body and mind, and is a totally accessible way to get the kids to understand the art of “being present.”

Breathing and calming – 5 min

  • Using the square breathing technique students begin to calm the excitement and senses to prepare for the final activity

Determination and Distraction – 3 min

  • With eyes closed students will visualize their favorite animal and all of its details
  • Students try their best to hold the image of the their animal

Take Home (While parents are in the room)

  1. Kids needs to explain what electronics is and how their view has changed?
  2. Name one habit they will add to their life
  3. Name one habit they will remove from their life
  4. Explain how kids will be assertive and express their feeling when parents/adults are ‘ON’’ phones
  5. How Should we use electronics as a tool to win in Digital age and be a Digital Citizen ?


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