There was once a man who gave a speech ..long speech…

From the audience one man kept showing his watch – the speaker thought he is being reminded that is getting too late – long speech and to stop.

The Speaker promptly apologized and said ‘Sorry I forgot my watch and I extended my speech without realizing the time’


The Audience member answered angrily ‘That’s ok – Atleast you should have looked at the calendar on the wall. you have been speaking for 3 days non stop without no useful subjet matter’. Ha ha

Here are a few tips to deliver a great speech

  1. Use simple language
  2. Pick one or two topics not more than that. Not 20 or 30.
  3. Be clear – you should be clear before you talk
  4. Think How to start, which points are important or you want to stress upon and how to conclude before you start your speech. People remember last few minutes.
  5. Don’t exceed 15min
  6. Truth or true experience – share those
  7. Connect you and your audience – bond before you start. Get them warmed up. Select 3 people . 1 on Right, 1 on left and 1 on center – people who look genuinely interested in you. Talk to these 3 people
  8. Don’t read anything from a script.Pointers are ok. Talk from your heart.
  9. Breathe before you talk. Deep breath in …and out

Now Go forth and Conquer.

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