Yes – you read it right – we know why you shouldn’t join us. Do you?

While lots of companies spend a time marketing why people should join their kid’s in their learning center , we at Parinama Academy 2.0 (yes we were still learning during our 1.0 phase) have figured out in the last 1.5 years why you shouldn’t join your kid in our academy. Please let us know if there is any reason we missed and we will add it to this list as soon as we receive it.Thank you.

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  • Competition and Tournament – Wrong philosophy – We focus on competitions and tournaments . This may not be helpful for some kids who may get demoralized the emphasis on competition and winning. Life is not about winning and losing . This philosophy of competition is not  a healthy way of raising future generation

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  • Experimentation – The idea and curriculum are evolving and not completely figured out. This causes confusion and makes parents more concerned as this doesn’t look like – “we have figured it out” and yes we have not figured it out.Some courses get dropped and some courses are added without a lot of thought process

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  • No Physical location – Parinama Academy doesn’t have real location. Hiring places at low cost and being dependent on availability of these places causes confusion  and most people cannot answer the question “Where is Parinama Academy located?”

  • Image result for novicer Trainers with no ‘Titles’: We work with people with passion and skill and we don’t hire based on accredited credentials but based on passion and how if they truly love working with kids.

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  •  Not an established brand – Like Fidget spinners, Parinama Academy looks like a new Fad/Concept and doesn’t look like it being run by professionals. It looks more like a hobby that an business. There is a great focus on marketing and sales but it appears like we are just a new kid in the block and yes we are!

  • Related imageI can teach it at home  – Most concept and techniques used by Parinama Academy can be taught at home by parents and the materials are available on internet.