Math Olympiad/SAT Prep 101


Worksheet – please ask your kids to complete the worksheet with challenges 1-5 as much as possible

Solve and laugh with your kid


A rich old Arab has three sons. When he died, he willed his 17 camels to the sons, to be divided as follows:
First Son to get 1/2 of the camels,
Second Son to get 1/3rd of the camels,
Third Son to get 1/9th of the camels.
The sons are sitting there trying to figure out how this can possibly be done, when a very old wise man goes riding by on his camel. They stop him and ask him to help them solve their problem. Without hesitation he divides the camels properly and continues riding on his way.
How did he do it?


Revise the 2 videos discussed in class and a new one here
















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